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Talk Your Problem Over

Can we talk about it?

When a problem is bothering you, can you share that trouble? Do you have people who will listen without judging to your concerns? Do you know a confidante who will hold your secret fears in trust long enough to hear them out?

Problems require communication. Deep communication. Listening with curiosity. Speaking with clarity. Knowing what matters and keeping focus on the clear boundaries of a larger vision. Problems are part of the journey, why not make them part of the conversation.

The bigger the problem, the greater the need for deeper conversations.

Talk your problem over. Build the relationships you need to deal effectively and with respect to the problems at hand. That's how it works best.

-- Douglas Brent Smith

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When You Are Truly All In

Is there any problem that you would give anything to solve?

Fortunately, we aren't all so obsessed (and I use that in a positive way) with a single problem that it is all that we can think about, all that we can work on. But what if there were such a problem in your life? How would you react? What would you do?

We have before us no end of problems begging for noble solutions. World hunger. War. Pollution. Energy. Boundaries. Education. Problems bigger than any single person.

Have you embraced one major problem with the intent of making a positive difference?

What problem would you give your life to solve?

Take you time, you don't need to answer that this minute. But you probably do need to answer it.

-- Douglas Brent Smith