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First Decide To Solve The Problem

Your first problem solving decision is to solve the problem.
The rest is details.
-- Doug Smith

Start With Your Goal

Centered problem solving thrives on a strong focus on your goal.
Start with your goal.

-- Doug Smith

Solve Problems Creatively, Practice Creativity

Do you want to bring more creativity to your problem solving?

I would guess that the answer is "of course!" More creativity leads to better solutions. Oh, yes and it's more fun. Can problem solving be fun? Absolutely, but only if you bring enough creativity into the process to get past the aggravation and move forward to the fun.

Creative problem solving requires creative practice. Find ways to sharpen your creativity.

Find ways off line. Go for a walk. Visit a museum. Draw a picture. Make up a joke (that's harder than it might seem). Create!

This is your coaches prodding, working on you in this moment: go create something!

Practice your creativity the way a great pianist practices their art and craft of playing the piano. You've got you keep your fingers on the keys. Go!

-- Doug Smith

Find the Center

At the center of your problem may be what's right, not wrong.
Stay curious. Stay centered. Focus on your goal.

-- Doug Smith

Control Your Direction

If you let your problems control you, make sure they control you in the direction of a solution.

-- Doug Smith

Get the Whole Picture

Someone else's problems can seem much easier to solve than our own. We might even be tempted to solve them.

Before we jump to solutions, let's get the whole picture. Sometimes the toughest cause is the least visible.

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Find Solutions

When problems come looking for us we owe it to ourselves to find solutions.

Has a problem found you today? What is your response?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Centered Problem Solvers Take Action

Problems are meant to stir us into action.

Are you ready yet?

-- Douglas Brent Smith


How is your problem solving action plan working? Are you solving your biggest problem?

Centered problem solvers know that ideas are wonderful and yet only as useful as the plans AND actions behind them. We must move forward. We must actively do things to make a difference.

Implementing the solution to a problem is even more important than finding the solution.

Go all the way. Enjoy the benefits. Solve the problem. Work your plan.

-- Doug Smith

Let Your Creativity Flow

What if all your problem needs is more creativity to find a solution? 
Centered problem solvers let their creativity flow!

-- Doug Smith