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If Your Have the Same Problem Over and Over...

If you have the same problem that you had a year ago you have not yet found the real problem.

-- doug smith

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First, It Starts In Front of You

Keep your biggest problem in front of you so that you can put it behind you.

-- doug smith

Find It

The answer to a problem is not always obvious, but it is always there.

Find it.

-- doug smith

Choose Learning and Growth

Problems are aggravating, inconvenient, and frustrating. High performance leaders -- successful supervisors -- build muscle around solving problems that comes from practice, application, and outright solving. One problem after another, solutions come from facing the problems head-on.

A problem could lead to frustration, OR it could lead to learning and growth.

Go with learning and growth.

-- doug smith

Should You Talk About Your Problem?

You might not solve that problem by talking about it, but what if you did?

Centered problem solvers create dialogue. They listen and share in order to reach mutual understanding. The first step to mutual agreement on the solution to a problem is to understand the problem AND each other.

Got a problem? Talk about it.

-- doug smith

Find the Help You Need

All the problems you keep to yourself, keep you.

Find the help you need. It's not all up to you.

-- doug smith

Use These Four Strengths

What do you think it all comes down to?

When it comes to leadership, and problem solving, I believe that we have the ability to develop four core strengths (five, if you count centering and balancing all four). Developing those strengths helps us accomplish our goals, solve problems, lead and live more effectively.

Create more balance. Create more focus. Identify ways to develop these five core strengths.

How many problems could stand up to you using all of your clarity, courage, creativity, and compassion?
-- doug smith