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Conflict and Problem Solving

Are you troubled by conflict? Does your problem seem even more broken because of a dispute? Sort it through. See it through. Find your own contribution and sort out the rest. Conflict is a complication in a problem, not a conclusion. -- doug smith

Test Your Perceptions

Have you ever been surprised by a problem that isn't what you thought it was? Have you ever been sure that you were correct only to later discover that you weren't? Question and test your perceptions. Things might not be the way you think. -- doug smith


Unwind your problems before they unwind you. -- doug smith

Call It Within Your Ability

Calling a problem too complicated to solve does not solve it. Centered problem solvers stay positive and focused. Break that problem down into understandable and manageable pieces. You might have to solve it bit, by, bit. -- doug smith

Keep Digging

There is always more than one answer to eve your toughest problem. -- doug smith

Go For The Win

Whenever I start to solve a problem, but stop, it causes me concern. Why would I do that? Where is the follow-thru?  The follow-thru is with you, but only when you drive it. Move it. Feel it. Keep the energy going. Starting work on a problem without following thru leads to frustration. If you're going to begin, go for the win. -- doug smith