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Attention to Detail

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Think about a problem you solved more than a year ago. How has your perspective changed?

-- doug smith


Do you like surprises?

When I was still young I learned the hard way that bosses usually do not like surprises. They are problems. They mess with the plan. Surprises take the status quo and rock it on its side.

But sometimes the surprise does not cause the problem. Sometimes the surprise comes after the problem has already been working its messy distress under your awareness. The problem festers, flows, and then goes BOOM.


When a problem arises, watch out for surprises.
What if instead of waiting for the surprise you dealt with the problem?

-- doug smith

Stay Persistent

Have you ever gotten frustrated while looking for the solution to a problem? It's not just common, we should probably expect it. If it was easy, it wouldn't be a problem, would it? Maybe we just need to keep thinking. Maybe we just need to quietly identify possibilities.

What if the best answer to your problem hasn't been thought of yet?
The answer, even if it's just "manage the outcomes and make peace with the problem" is likely there. Keep digging.

-- doug smith

Something to Do

Find a problem worth solving and you'll never be bored.

-- doug smith

Build Your Influence

You never know how influential you might be until you try to expand your influence. You never know when the smallest problem solving step might lead to an evolution of ever expanding and more effective steps. You might think you know, you might not. Expand it. Grow it. Get to know people and work on that problem.

When a problem is beyond your influence, build your influence.

-- doug smith

About That Attitude

Changing your attitude to solve a problem is worth considering (if you really want to solve the problem.)

-- doug smith