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Holding Center

The toughest problems to solve hold us at the center.

The center of the storm. The center of the problem. The center of emotional elevation.



Yes, the center is where you belong, so you are headed in the right direction. You just might need to drive the problem, rather than let the problem drive you.

Hold the problem at the center and keep your center, your focus, your balance where you will. It's up to you.

-- Doug Smth

Today, I Will Be Like Water

Sometimes a problem can feel like a wall. Here's my approach to that wall today...

What's your approach to those walls that stand between you and a solution?

-- Doug Smith

Something New To Learn

Constant learning improves our skills at solving problems.

Just when we might think that we have it all figured out, there is something new to learn. There is always something new to learn.

What have you learned today?

-- Doug Smith

Problems AND People

Centered leaders solve problems without hurting people.

That takes time. That takes attention. That takes focus.

-- Doug Smith

Power in Expectations

Our problems are often defined by our expectations.

Your expectations contain vast amounts of power. Power over what you will perceive, what you will do, and which problems you will solve. Choose your expectations carefully.

-- Doug Smith

Shared Commitment

Shared commitment to solving a problem is just as important as the solution you choose.

-- Doug Smith