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Centered Problem Solvers Check Their Ego

Does your ego ever get in the way of solving your problems?

Sometimes I cling to an idea that no longer makes sense. Sometimes I avoid launching into the analysis of a problem because it might put my assumption on the line. It could even bruise my ego. Yikes.

We can do better than that.

Sometimes my biggest obstacle in solving problems is my ego. Once I let go of that the solution is clear.

Are you willing to let go of your ego long enough to really see the problem's root cause?

I think you'll like the results.

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Increase the Compassion

It isn't easy, is it? Our reflexes, when we feel harm, is to harm in return. That's a formula for endless cycles of harm, and no end to our problems.

What if we paused instead?

What if we increased the compassion instead of the vengeance?

Some problems simply require us to increase our compassion to find the solution.

As hard as that sounds, it's easier in the long term.

How can you increase your compassion toward that tough problem today?

-- Douglas Brent Smith