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The Size of Your Problems

Have you ever noticed that the bigger your job grows the bigger the problems are that you encounter? The more people you know the more problems you see? The more work that has to be done the more opportunities you see for doing it better, faster, smarter, more optimally? The size of your problems is a measure of your influence. So if your problems are getting bigger -- good news. So are you. -- Douglas Brent Smith

A Change In Perspective

Does how you look at it matter? Absolutely. Anything we can do to see things anew helps us find the optimal view. Anything we can do to turn around our filtering helps us get closer to the truth. A change in perspective often brings a better solution to your problem. Ways To Change Perspective: - Ask someone else and listen with curiosity - Reverse its current order - Look at it upside down - Combine it with something unrelated - Take much more time than usual to view it - If it can be offered in writing, read it slowly, aloud - Try it as if you were ten years old. Four years old. Two. - Try it as if you were 100 years old - Drop your preconceived notions of what it means - Ask "What if..." over and over... What other ways can you come up with to alter your perspective? -- Douglas Brent Smith