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Define Carefully

Have you ever found yourself defining yourself with your problems?

It's easy to do. When problems surround us we think about our life in the context of those problems. But they don't need to define us. We are not our problems. We are not the net result of too much happening or unsolved mysteries. We are much more than that.

Our problems don't define us -- our solutions do.

And even then, our solutions only send signals for who we are. We are so much deeper - our character, our beliefs, our emotions, our loves...we are so much more than what we do.

And far more than our problems would indicate.

Stay centered, stay focused, create the you that you want to be -- and solve one problem at a time.

-- Doug Smith

Find The Right Help

Do you have all the help you need to solve your biggest problem?

When I have a problem that I'm struggling to solve, many times I discover that the reason is that I have not yet found the right person to help me.  That ace who was so helpful with the last problem, that team that got it all done -- they may still be lacking a missing piece of wisdom, inspiration, or skill to address the current situation.

Sometimes I just need to find that one person who is best equipped to take that problem on.

Not alone, but in harmony with the efforts already being made. When the right person shows up, it can make all the difference in the world.

Maybe that's true for you.

You may only be one person away from solving that problem.

Are you looking?

-- Doug Smith