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Problems Will Teach You Either Way

Have you learned much from solving problems?

I've found that in every problem there are essential lessons to learn. By learning these lessons I've been able to avoid repeating some problems. Other problems have been avoided altogether by heeding the lessons of the problem at hand.

By solving a problem we get the benefit of the solution as well as the lessons that the problem had to teach us.

But if we don't solve the problem, we still get to learn. Sometimes, we get to learn over and over.

Failing to solve a problem may teach you more than solving it.

You just might not enjoy while you learn.

What have you learned from solving problems?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Keep Focused

Did that big problem throw you off center? Do you have an unresolved problem that's distracting you from your goal?

Centered problem solving keeps us focused whether or not the problem is solved.

We stay focused when we remember to come back to our center, to breathe, to stay aware of what is going on right now without judging it or pulling it into the past. Centered problem solving keeps us grounded when the emotional wind threatens to blow us away.

Find the balance you need for this situation, right now, within your strengths of courage, creativity, clarity and compassion. Somewhere within that reserve is your ability to solve that problem and remain focused during the difficult work of finding the right solution.

You can do it.

You've done it before.

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Centered Leaders Stay Focused

Are you easily distracted?

Many of us are blessed with the ability to shift our focus instantly. We can move our attention from the problem we're working on to a few items on our phone. We can forget what's pressing on us and drift into long periods of cat videos or project management cartoons.

Centered leaders stay focused. Centered problem solving keeps us focused whether or not the problem is solved. 

The goal, to put it simply, is the goal. All the problem is doing is standing in the way of the goal.

Are you a centered leader?

What are you doing to continue in your leadership development?

- Douglas Brent Smith

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