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Find the Answers That Work

Have you given up on finding all the answers?

The good news is, you do not need to find all the answers. They will change, anyway. Centered, creative problem solvers forces on answers that work. Answers that bring you closer to your goals. Answers that get out of their own way and lead to progress, not more problems.

Creative problems solvers don't need all the answers -- just the ones that work.

-- Doug Smith

Go For Transformational Solutions

If a problem is threatening to put you, your team, or your organization in danger, it cannot be ignored. Average solutions won't help. Easy answers won't be enough. The toughest problems, the ones that could put you out of business, require transformational solutions.

Combinations of clarity, courage, creativity, and compassion when you are developing ideas and working your problem lead to transformational solutions - the ones that change the nature of the game and put the problem -- not you -- out of business.

-- Doug Smith

Your Problems Aren't Hiding

You know what they are. They've been bothering you. They're getting tough to ignore, so don't. Roll up your figurative and literal sleeves and get busy. Solve the problems in front of you.

-- Doug Smith