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Keep Your Past Problems In The Past

Do problems from your past trouble you?

I've sometimes found myself in a pattern of drudging up old problems from the past, as if they had anything at all to do with the present situation. They don't. Oh, they can certainly complicate things. And old problems will stick around as long as you invite them to. Don't invite them.

The problems of our past belong in the past.

Let's leave them there. Drop them like the dead weight they are.

When we fully resolve a present day problem it stops popping up in the future. So if past problems are popping up, maybe they aren't resolved. Resolve them. Retire them. Let them go. But, keeping them around sucks all the energy out of the room and has the problem solving effect of tying your shoes together. Why do that?'

Did you solve that problem? If so, let it go. If no, you know where to go: back to the plan to finish the job.

-- Doug Smith

Problems Make Us Stronger

Did you ever stop to think how much you owe to your problems?

No, I haven't gone nuts. Think about it. Every problem we solve, every solution we design, gives us a level of focus and creativity that we didn't have before. Problems help us grow (because if we don't grow, the side effects are bad.)  

Where would you be today if you'd never had a problem to solve?

The next time I have a problem, it will be the opportunity I seek. Maybe the problem is the key to the next big step. Maybe the lesson to learn will propel me forward farther than I could have ever gone before.

Problems make us stronger. Isn't that comforting?

-- Doug Smith