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Colin Mochrie talks improv and leadership

It's Not Pretend

Problems are real. We might avoid them, but they are real. We might ignore them, but they can only be ignored until the problem is big enough to cause reactions. Problems are not pretend so our reactions must be real. We need to pay attention. We need to act. It doesn't do any good to pretend to know the solution if the solution doesn't work. -- doug smith

Is Anger A Problem Solving Tool?

Problems can make me angry. It's tempting to express that anger. Sometimes it's even necessary to express that anger, in a productive and safe way. But, it's too much to expect that anger can solve the problem. Anger calls attention to its cause. When it's a problem, we notice our anger. We get motivated to react. Anger might be simply doing its best to identify a problem. Just don't use anger attempting to solve it. -- doug smith