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Finding Connections

Where do you look for the causes of your problem?

Where do you look for solutions?

Who do you find to help you solve your toughest problem?

Centered problem solvers find connections. There are unexpected similarities or patterns underneath each problem. At the core of a challenge are the ends of connections that sometimes bring about outcomes far different from their intentions. Connections fray, connections twist, connections turn, connections surprise.

And connections can also deliver. Finding where the connections are no longer effective (whether they are process steps or relationships) is the first step to relaxing them, restructuring them, retuning them, and helping them to be the connections you are looking for.

Creative, centered problem solvers find connections fast and fearlessly.

To find connections fast: pay attention, ask questions, open up your imagination, and stay open to possibilities and surprises. See things from other (maybe many other) points of view. Let art and life inspire you.

To move on connections fearlessly, operate from the clarity of your mission. What is it that you want to achieve? How would you act if you acted perfectly in harmony with your values? Let go of any pre-conceived notions of perfection and allow for the charm of the unexpected delight. That connection you've been avoiding might be the connection that generates the most light and love.

Often it's the connections between disparate pieces that matter and that provide the first opportunity for fast correction.

What connections have been surprising you lately?

-- Douglas Brent Smith


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